Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i'll take notable quotables for $1000, alex...

i admit. i've been m.i.a. for a while.
see, i have these five kids and i decided to go back to school.

(ps - if you are new here, i used to blog all the time and follow other people's blogs and share all kinds of witticisms and then my life kinda got in the way of my blogging and i took a little, or not so little, hiatus, but i am going to try to get back in the swing of things. i swear.)

both of those things SRSLY cut in to my blogging time. srsly. but, my kids have been saying some really funny stuff lately and i thought, hey. why not share these conversational gems with the world. or at least with the 60 or so people who follow my blog. so i actually sat down and wrote a blog post. lucky, lucky you! hehe!

so here are some interesting things heard around my house today (the italicized parts indicate my internal dialogue/responses to my children's statements):

thomas (at 6:45 am, as we review for the religion final exam he has to take when he gets to school today) hands me a couple of index cards to quiz him on and i ask if this is all he has. he responds: no. there are more, but i didn't get to write them all down. i'll copy them off one of my friends when i get to school.
~ really?!?! and you'll study these when, exactly? bear in mind, this is catholic grade free periods, no study halls, etc. just a teacher telling kids precisely what to do and when to do it. i'm guessing the cards never got studied.

jack has just pulled out his tooth and is now bleeding all over. after we rinse his mouth, get the tooth put aside for the tooth fairy, etc., he tells me: god! i never knew blood tasted like a sock! i respond: what?!?! he says: well. you know, like a sock smells.
~ looking at this in a glass-half-full type of way...i'm glad he never tasted a dirty sock. right?

my darling jack has been "full of it" today...i come down the stairs after my shower trying to rush everyone out to pick thomas up from school and jack tells me: mommy, you should have just seen this snot. i had a snot that felt kind of weird, so i got it out and it was HUGE!!! it was the biggest snot i ever saw. me: please stop. you are making me gag. where is this snot now? jack walks over to the living room wall and removes the aforementioned snot and says: i guess i shut throw it away, huh?
~ yes. yes you should throw it away. please.

dennis is playing with some webkinz and says he is going to be the "stripe-ed" tiger.
~ apparently, he's been watching "the hangover" when i'm not around.

jack, dennis, katie and cara are in the living room doing...whatever. cara asks who wants to play house with her. dennis asks jack: do you want to play house with the girls, jack? jack's response: sure! as long as i get to be the dog.
~ the dog. he wants to be the dog. that's all i got on that one.

ps - i've included some recent pictures so you have an idea of who the clowns that are saying this stuff are.