Tuesday, February 10, 2009

random thoughts

so i've decided just to post some random thoughts on here today, because i have a lot of them and none of them flow together to make sense.

1. i think i may be ruining my daughters for life. i have three tattoos and i love them. i would totally get more, but don't necessarily always want to look like a tattooed chick (weddings, etc.) so i will probably just stick with three. this has never bothered me before until yesterday. caroline (who we have already established has a problem with writing on herself) was drawing with a pencil while i sat at the computer. i look over and she has the pencil behind her back, so i ask her what she is doing. she tells me "like mommy." then she gets up, traces the tattoo on my back with her pencil, and then starts writing on her back again. great, just what i need, a two year old with a "tramp stamp."

2. the girls got new bikes today and caroline had troble getting on hers. at one point, she looked at me, threw her hands out and said "i no bewieve this!" for real?!?!?! neither do i, actually!

3. katie also got a play microphone today (we were at target with mom mom murray, can you tell?) which has hannah montana on it and sings two lines of a hannah song. without being told who it was, she could identify hannah montana and told cara "is my antana!"

4. when dennis adds "ed" to the end of words, he makes it a seperate syllabyl (sp?) and now so do the rest of us. for example, when he gives me a kiss, he then tells me he did and says "i kiss-ed you!" every single time he kisses me, he tells me this. just in case i miss-ed it, i guess.

5. jack went to preschool for six days in september before he "dropped out." according to him, at the time, he "quit school and haircuts." the other day, i heard him telling thomas a story about when he went to school and how his teachers made him do something. again, for real?!?!? he's telling stories about the experience? he went SIX times and cried like a maniac the entire time!!!!

6. in addition to my random thoughts, lately i have been thinking a lot about crazy things that people say. i have been asked the most bizarre questions and for the most part, i am amazed that people have the gall to say these things to anyone, let alone complete strangers. some of these questions include:
- "who are you in relation to the child?" i was asked this question every time i called my son's doctor's office before i was married. because we had different last names, they asked me every time. it made me crazy.
- my number one, worst question ever, was: "are you marrying your baby's father?" can you imagine if i were to ask people this question in reverse?!?! "oh, is this baby your husband's?" how effed up is that? let's all just assume that i have enough sense to marry the man i had a baby with, okay! thanks. again, i was asked this question on more than one occasion, and by total strangers.
- "oh, is this your first pregnancy?" which is not in itself a bizarre question, by any means, but when the answer is "no these are my fourth and fifth babies, it becomes a little strange.
- "did you plan this pregnancy/were you on fertility treatments?" first of all, what do you care? why would anyone ask a complete stranger this question? and then, look at me for a minute. at the time i was being asked these questions, i had a baby that was not yet 2 and an infant. who would plan that (besides that crazy lady in the news now with 1 kids)? and, if i had those other babies so close together, do i seem like i need fertility treatments? i pretty much AM a fertility treatment, for goodness sake!
- "oh my god, what are you going to do?" this was asked when people found out i was pregnant with twins. i always wished i had the guts to say "actually, we've been looking into black market baby sales and it seems like a good deal. i think we are just going to sell them on the internet." do you think that would have stopped that line of questioning? what can i do? i am going to raise five children, apparently.
- the latest question i find a little crazy is some variation of "how do you get out of the house with everyone dressed and coordinated?" this question doesn't bother me, really, as it is usually asked by other people with young children who experience the same insanity i do, just on a slightly smaller scale. i think it's funny though, because the alternative would be to leave everyone in pajamas at all times and just say, "i'm sorry. i have too many kids. i can't dress them all cute and leave my house in the same day, so here we are." which somedays seems like a really, really good idea. on those days, i usually just cancel the plans and stay in jammies all day. if i have to leave, i will probably show up an hour late. i am apologizing, in advance, for when this happens, because trust me, it will.

for the moment, these are all the random thoughts that are occurring to me as i type. i am sure they're are a million other thoughts that i will have and think, "ugh...i wanted to put that in my blog," but i'll leave it at this for now. who knows, maybe i'll have another random blog again someday.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

i wasn't careful enough

i named this blog "be careful what you wish for" in reference to the fact that i really wished for a daughter and wound up with two, a mere 12 months and 3 weeks after my youngest son was born. as we progress into the girls "terrible twos" i realize how insane i was to wish for this. i am continually amazed at how different my girls are from one another, not only in appearance, but in personality, too. and even further, how very different my girls are from my boys. they are so bad!

the girls were out of cribs well before their second birthday. the room that the girls sleep in is a 7' x 8' square room. three of the walls hold a piece of furniture and the fourth is the doorway. there is no door on this room, because it is so small. instead there is just a gate to keep the girls inside. it reminds me of caged animals in a zoo, which is sadly, a very apt comparison. we had to take the girls out of their cribs because they began to climb, trying to get from one crib to the other, or on occasion, climbing up on to the bureau next to the crib. needles to say, we quickly did away with the cribs and went with toddler beds. the first night in the new beds resulted in the emptying of every article of clothing from the bottom two drawers of the bureau. an occurrence that has been repeated quite frequently. i noticed this week that one of the girls has apparently figured out how to climb on top of the bureau to get the basket containing hair accessories to dump on the floor along with their clothes. if they are really annoyed with being put in their room, they throw the clothes out of the room in to the hallway, which is always a joy for me.

their latest trick, which is really caroline's trick (sometimes she drags katie down with her, though) is to write on herself. everyday for a week now, i have found marker or pen on caroline's body. last night, she added some artwork to the living room floor, as well. tonight, when i walked in the house, not only did she write ALL OVER herself (even her face), she wrote on the dining room table and katie. lucky for us, katie kept her artwork to her arm unlike her sister who covered her arms, face and parts of her leg.

the thing that i find most amazing is that they are not even a little afraid of us. obviously we try to discipline them when they do things like this, but the girls just don't care. when my husband yells at them, they are not in the least bit fazed. my boys would be hysterical crying if they got in that much trouble. caroline pretty much tells us to "go scratch." the attitude that she displays is outrageous...putting her hands on her hips while saying "no daddy, lialine (her pronunciation for her own name; she speaks of herself in the third person at all times) not go to bed!" she also tells us when she is not going to be nice to people, as in "cara, give pop a hug and kiss," "no, lialine mean to pop." oh, alright then, at least we know what were up against.

katie displays much less attitude and is in general, better behaved than cara (listens and follows directions better, is nicer to other children, doesn't bite), however, she has a little more "eddie haskel" in her than cara does. cara puts it right out there. if she doesn't feel like talking to you, she lets you know, loud and clear. when katie sees this, she turns on the charm full blast. when cara decides not to speak to someone, katie immediately runs over with huge hugs and kisses , shouting their name like this person just rescued her from gilligan's island or something. i don't understand how she already knows how to work people. she's two! shouldn't deviousness not set in until like 5, or something?

i am amazed at how smart they are, and not necessarily in a good way. it makes me nervous for the future. if they display this much sneakiness and attitude now, what do i have in store for say, 14 years from now? and is it really fair that i have two at the exact same time that are bad in different ways, so that i have all of the bad behavior covered between both of them. lucky me. my only hope is that once we get passed the "terrible twos," i'll have a couple of good years in there before adolescence. yeah right...

(ps - i've added some pictures of the girls in action for better visuals. enjoy!)