Friday, June 3, 2011

can someone help me out here, please?

     so i need some help understanding something...i have these kids, right.  and i really do love them and am often amazed by the things they know and can do.  i actually had a really eye-opening week in reference to children.  there were two events that occurred to people that i am acquainted with that really brought home how incredibly lucky we have been.  i have all of these children, all of whom were born full term with no problems at all.  not even when i had two babies at one time did i get an extra night in the hospital out of it.  it was beyond easy for me to conceive them (haha.  you know, 'cause we were trying and all.  haha.), i never had to go through any kind of stressful, expensive, difficult procedure to get these children.  they are all smart and affectionate and polite and really good kids.  they are crazy healthy, too...a broken leg, some stitches in a lip, a few staples in a head and a few high fevers...but that's it.  that's the extent of any medical emergencies/procedures/etc. that we've had to deal with.   i am really, really lucky.  i know this.  but...
     i've mentioned that i am sometimes amazed by the things they can do.  these are children that can ride skateboards with ease and play baseball well.  they are kids that spoke before their first birthdays and could spout facts about steam engines and name all of the trains in the thomas the tank engine series along with the number of each train.  they are kids that get honors in school and teachers always report that they are "a pleasure to have in class."  they are smart kids.  i know this, too.  so what i need help understanding is this.  why. can't. they. seal. the. shower. curtain. properly?!?!?!  the boys take showers every night.  every. single. night.  the shower curtain needs to be sealed to the walls of the shower and along the bottom of the stall shower or it will leak all over the bathroom floor.  and then into the hallway.  which then drips through the ceiling in the dining room and kitchen.  this makes me very upset when it happens and i make a big. effing. deal. about it.  srsly.  i freak out.  like, last night when they did this, i totally lost it.  i yell and act like a crazy person while i line my dining room with bath towels and pots to catch the downpour.  it's not a happy time in or house, typically.
     i would think that your mom dropping a bunch of "f" notes and yelling about a big huge mess in the house would stay with a person for a day or so.  that way, when this person gets in the shower the next day, he is thinking "dude, i better seal this curtain right tonight or my mom is gonna lose her shit."  apparently, i would think wrong.  because it happened again tonight.  for real.  my boys flooded the mother effing house two nights in a row.  for real.
     so after flooding the house for two nights in a row and watching my mom lose her shit, i would think that i would totally try to avoid any activity that may get me in trouble. like, say...oh, throwing a juice box across the dining room table upon which there are two vases of fresh flowers sitting.  i'm thinking i'd want to avoid something like that.  again, i'd be wrong.  because shortly after the dining room flooding extravaganza, an entire vase of flowers was knocked over and spilled all over the table upon which everyone was eating, when a juice box was thrown from one brother to another and the trajectory was a little low.  for real.  this happened tonight, too.  srsly.  there is so much water being sopped up in my house right now, i'm considering building an arc.
     so really, i do know that i am very lucky to have these guys in my life.  and really, i would not trade any of it for anything.  i would, however, tweak the shit out of some of the decisions the boys make. especially the ones involving water.