Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i have one word to say to you...

dear mc donalds employee that told my son he couldn't put his feet on the booth while he was sitting there and then proceeded to say something to me about it two more times while i had all five kids there with me but eventually gave up mentioning it after you had to go clean the men's room because someone had smoked crack in there,
i have one thing to say to you...
have a wretched day -
ps - this is a true story. me + all five kiddies in mickey d's waiting for tommy to come in and have lunch with them because the boys had a half day of school. as i stood at the table, waiting for our food, another employee came out of the bathroom and said "damn! it stinks in there! someone musta been smoking crack." i naturally assume he was using the term as a figure of speech (as i do quite frequently. however, i did not know that smoking crack was really stinky), but alas, he wasn't. as the charming-yell-at-thomas employee walked past i heard her say "it's terrible. people think they can come in here to get high." then she made that sound like she was sucking her teeth. obviously, thomas sitting with his foot up was the biggest problem they had in there that day.

Monday, November 2, 2009

do they really belong to me?

so, i love my children's names but i know that they are not "fun" or hip or unique. they are good, traditional names that i love. even the two names that are my absolute favorites (you know the ones that when you were a silly little teenager planning your perfect wedding and your perfect future with your one perfect baby boy and one perfect baby girl and their perfect names) and that i think are really cool, are not in actually all that exciting (thanks to grandpop murray, pop speers and margaret mitchell). well, the girls have rebelled (shocking, i know) and have chosen new names for themselves.

meet...fifi and zsa zsa. for real.