Friday, January 9, 2009

in the beginning...

so, i am starting this blog at my sister's insistence. i am a 33 year old with five children. i live in philadelphia in a rowhome in an older, close-knit neighborhood with my husband, my 3 sons and my 2 daughters. i have decided to name this blog "be careful what you wish for" because i wasn't careful, and now my life is crazy. my oldest son will be nine in two weeks. my second son is 4, followed 15 months later by my third son. after my ultrasound where i found out i was having my third boy, i cried the whole way home. poor me...i would never buy a communion dress, i would never plan a wedding, etc. etc. i am a pretty "girly girl" and really wanted to do the girly things. well, lucky me, 12 months and 3 weeks later, i gave birth to my twin daughters.

the worst thing about having 5 kids in 6 years is that 4 of them were born within a 28 month time period. that translates to four in diapers, 4 using bottles/sippy cups and technically, 4 in cribs. because we have such a small house, however, we had two in one crib in our bedroom, one in his own crib and the poor second child got bumped to a bottom bunk with the oldest on the top. we got rid of most of the cribs pretty early, because the girls' room is so small that as soon as they could walk, they could climb out of their crib and onto bureaus, switch cribs, etc. not a good thing.

now, as they are all getting a little more self-sufficient, the chaos has changed. before, it was constant feeding and changing and soothing crying babies/upset children. now the chaos is more vacuuming up the can of comet that katie spilled on the rocking chair while wiping the entire tube of chapstick off cara's head and face and trying to prevent dennis from falling off the shelf that he climbed onto that is five feet in the air while trying to maneuver around thomas and jack playing wii and completely ignoring everything going on around them. definitely makes for some interesting days. the prompting of my sister and some others, i have decided to start this blog to chronicle my days and hopefully give some people a laugh once in a while. people are always telling me "you should wirte a book of stories of your kids" and while that seems a little ambitious for me, i figured i'd give this a try. we'll see how it goes! thanks for stopping by (but mostly stay classy)!


  1. love it! this is awesome, i cannot wait for more!

  2. love, love, love it! i want more!

  3. You are my favorite blogger. Love that you are finally writing your crazy stories down. When this becomes a book and then a blockbuster movie and you are rich and famous, don't forget your former-party-friend, traveling companion, on-again-off-again-gym-buddy, and fellow mother living in a rowhome in Phildelphia.