Tuesday, May 5, 2009

media rant

lately i have been noticing some headlines that catch my eye and then annoy me...without even reading the story. i feel like the media will do a story about ANYTHING these days. the three headlines that really stick out in my mind are the following:

1) us weekly's cover story this week was a "jon and kate exclusive." apparently, jon was "caught with other woman" this story i actually did read. now, please know that i am no huge fan of jon and kate. i used to love them when they both had jobs outside the home and a house that was too small and they actually had to struggle and deal with issues that the rest of us do. now, however, they have a gigantic home with acres of land and they both are home, as jon works from home as a consultant. plus, all of their vacations and stuff are paid for. there's no real challenge there. as far as i'm concerned they totally jumped the shark when they went to "day out with thomas" and did not have to wait in line AND were given a private train car. how tough was that? i would take my five if it was going to be that easy, too. anywhoo...i don't really care either way if they break up or not. sure it would be crazy hard for kate then and sad for the kid, but it does not affect my life in any way whatsoever. however, that said...this article was crazy stupid. it showed pictures of jon obviously intoxicated getting into a car with a "mystery woman." a quote from the magazine actually said "at 2 am 'he could barely walk' as he exited the bar..." now, call me cray, but isn't it better that he WAS getting into a car with a "mystery woman" rather than driving himself home? he could barely walk, should he be driving?!?! totally annoying article. i have been trying to find a phone number to cancel my us weekly subscription because of the sheer stupidity of the articles, lately.

2) i can not even believe i am going to write about the next person, but here goes. octomom. i actually have a passionate dislike for this woman. i hate everything that she has done, i hate hearing about all of the free stuff she is given, i hate it all. i'm even a little irrational when it comes to octomom (in my defense, i have five children and i feel like they NEVER receive one on one attention from my hsuband and i, and then this jackass goes and has 14 children, not naturally, with no husband. i think she is a total a-hole). (again)however...i saw a headline that said "octomom's son photographed with black eye." really?!!? this is news? she has 14 kids!! of course one of them is going to show up with a black eye once in a while! come on, people! their freakin' kids...kids get black eyes for crissake! i didn't even read that article because...a) the headline annoyed me so bad and b) i refuse to read anything about nadya suleman in my own little protest of her. i really don't like that whole situation. she is actually the NUMBER 1 reason for my desire to cancel us weekly, with "speidi" being an extremely close #2.

3) "actress loses 60 pounds without exercising" is the third headline that i've read this week. super impressive that someone could lose 60 pounds with no exercise, right? this one i thought i might read, so i clicked on the article and up popped a picture of the actress. it was rebecca romijn stamos o'connell. hmmm...somewhat less impressive, considering she recently gave birth to twins. it would have been far more surprising had she not lost the 60 pounds at all. it's great that she didn't have to exercise, but come on! everyone loses weight after giving birth! she's a freakin' model for crissake! she's genetically engineered to be thin. i did not read that article either, as i was so annoyed to see that they were talking about her. stupid, stupid, stupid.
well, i am glad to have gotten my little rant off of my chest now. do you think maybe, just maybe, i should give up tabloid news coverage? i wonder how annoyed i would get at real news coverage? ha...who am i kidding? i would probably be the same. i'll stick with just reading fiction and be done with it!


  1. OOOOHHHHH....you would LOVE perezhilton.com

    Talk about juicy annoying gossip. Be warned, he draws penises on peoples faces. Also...I am with you and the whole Jon and Kate plus 8. They are annoying!

  2. it's so sad when "legit" media sources report on these joke stories. isn't there any real news? do we really need to know what's going on with brangelina? or how the octomom spends her day? it's very infruriating!

  3. I find the "real" news either very annoying (too many mistakes, or the stories aren't fleshed out enough) or (since we live in Baltimore) very depressing. So...I don't know. At least US Weekly doesn't make you nervous about taking your kids outside to play!

  4. Preach on sister! I get annoyed by it but can't give it up! Hi from SITS! One of my girls is moving to Philly this summer. Any recs?

  5. Hi Beth, thanks for dropping in to see my blog! We have multiples too (well, actually they're my grandsons, but they're still mine, right)!! Twin boys turning three (3) in June. Love your blog - you sound a lot like me!

  6. I know how you feel. Headlines like that drive me crazy too.

    I think Jon and Kate are going to be on The Today Show tomorrow for damage control. It should be interesting to see what they say.

  7. Wow! You could just be my reader. I haven't read a us weekly or people in forever. The whole celebrity thing jumped the shark a while ago for me... all the plastic surgery and nepotism. The "celebrities" are usually related to someone -except the reality show freaks that you mentioned. I am right with you on all of your comments. I want octomoms tubes tied.... and the darn doc to lose his license for this taxpayer expense.

  8. Happy Mothers Day to you!!

    I am going to hang out with my boys all weekend!

  9. too funny! i think not capitalizing looks sloppy, unless i know you can do it, but choose not to...as silly as that sounds!

    i just died laughing while i was reading your post! so true! i used to love jon & kate...back when the show actually had some substance to it! now i think kate's just nasty to jon, and maybe the most overbearing woman ever. i know you'd need to be organized with 8 kids, but come on! the day they took them to the crayola factory and didn't let them participate...killed me! i porouse through the tabloids online and i'm pretty sure i'd need to cancel my magazine subscription as well if it was filled with crap about heidi & spencer, octomom, and now this jon & kate garbage! need help finding a number? lol

  10. Im with you. I can't watch the news anymore and those 'entertainment' shows give me a migraine.

    It all gets filed under - who cares?


  11. Gosh I'm so obsessed with celebrity gossip. I read Perez, People, and Us online every day.

    I totally agree about Jon getting a ride home. I also think that Nadya is a nutcase and pregnant women losing weight is not a big deal.

    Sometimes they gotta milk it for what it's worth.

    I read celebrity gossip over actual news because the news is always depressing to me. Celebrity gossip just makes me giggle.

  12. I thought celebrity news was fiction, too. No?

    Regardless, it is disgusting that some downright annoying people get so much coverage.

    But it would be funny if Jon and Octomom hooked up....

  13. Hey!!! Going by to see what's new :-) Hope you had a great Monday!!!! Schools almost out!!!

  14. Agreed, agreed, agreed. Speidi?! WTF?! I give up...