Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i'm it

i have been tagged for a few different things from other bloggers lately and i figured i would do a little catch up work today. sweet mama jones tagged me in this picture meme, which i think is kinda fun. here are the rules:

1) Go to your photo folders

2) Select the sixth file folder

3) Open it and select the sixth photo in that file folder

4) Write a story for that picture, post it and

5) Select five bloggy friends to tag

6) Be sure to let them know they've been tagged

i'm going to break the rules (i know, the guilt is already eating me up) and not assign it to anyone, but if you want to grab it, feel free. anyway, the sixth picture in my sixth folder is one of jack on his birthday. he looks a little excited and a little nervous. not sure why. he's cute anyway, though, isn't he? i love that kid.
i am going to do the second tag in another post, because honestly, i get exhausted looking at really long blog posts and then sometimes skip them because i don't feel i can make the kind of commitment required to read it. i have issues, i know.


  1. What a cute little birthday boy!

  2. Jack is a cutie! Love that shirt!

  3. cuuuute picture! can i borrow the shirt?

  4. Surely when you say that you don't mean any of MY extremely long blog posts... ;)