Friday, August 21, 2009

rambling thoughts from a befuddled mind

dude, it's friday. what.the.eff? i really, truly can't believe it's friday. i started to clue in to the fact that it was friday when a few of my favorite blogs posted something about it being friday (alicia, valentine, jennifer juniper and hit 40). i still wasn't positive, so i looked at my phone and sure enough, it said "fri, aug whatever." obviously, i stopped paying attention after seeing "fri" because i still don't know what the date is. i'm not sure which day that i lost, but one of them went missing. for reals.
i totally don't love my new nail polish. i was all set to be ubercool for the fall with my "gunmetal" polish, too. meh. it's alright. now i'm too lazy to take it off and start over though. also. it is sally hansen polish so i thought it would be half decent (i should let you know that i am a freak about doing my nails. usually use opi polish. two coats of ridge filler, two coats of color, good top coat. i said). but it is from the "Xtreme color" line which must be for hip little teeny boppers or cheesy girls that don't care or something cause it sucked. the brush sucked and was totally cheapy and the bottle was plastic! i think the last time i had a plastic nail polish bottle it was tinkerbell. cripes.
i watched "mad men" for the first time the other night and i think christina hendricks is my new hero. she's hot. she has gorgeous red hair. and she is not skinny. i want to be her when i grow up. plus, let's face it the style of the early 60's rocks (and i know that christina hendricks does not wear 60's era clothing on a regular basis, but i already mentioned that i am a little befuddled these days). they were totally made for my body type. i would have been a total hottie. plus, having 5 kids then was somewhat more common.
did you know kristen davis has a sex tape? i know. crazy, right? prissy charlotte in a sex way (tommy also said "hey. she's one of jerry's girlfriends. i didn't figure her for that)! what's even weirder is that i discovered this yesterday (while googling images of christina hendricks in killer clothes, both for the 60's and from today) on some random website...while my kids were watching "miss spider's sunny patch whatever. ohmygod! right?!?! ms. spider is in a porno! weird!
that seems to be all of the coherent thoughts that i can string together at the moment. i do have some funny dennis stories, but as monday is his birthday and i have no recollection whatsoever of his actual birth, i am saving the dennis stories for his birthday post. have a good weekend (since it is friday, after all)!

ps - i reached 50 followers on blogger! woo hoo! how cool am i?!?!


  1. And I was your 50th :)

    Kristen Davis in a sex tape? Hmm. Wonder how many followers SHE will get!

  2. You lost me at "dude, it's Friday"! Really? How on earth did we get here so quick!
    Congrats on the 50 followers! So cool!

  3. I think we all know that you're super cool! But Charlotte said it wasn't her. Ah ha ha ha

  4. You are very cool with your gun metal polish! I couldn't stop laughing at Otin's gruesome horror post on Thursday. He joked that the person was going to lose some followers at the end of the story! LMAO!!!

    I hope none of them drop you!! Even with as many as I have... I hate it when they drop me!! I know... Just ridiculous!! I am loving blogging to keep my drama with "imaginary" people. Much safer than real life.

    I always thought Kristen Davis was hot! Sex tape?? She must be hard up for some cash after the sex and city show ended. Hard to replace that kinda money.

  5. i just got a bottle of "midnight in moscow". you can borrow it. i love it, i think i will wear it on my toes forever.

    i remember dennis' birth, he was born at 2:45 in the afternoon after a long night of slow progresss. they called him a "mellow fellow" after he was born because he didn't cry just kinda looked around. he's always been a good kid.

  6. ha! meg, that is why i called you earlier. i was getting my post ready for monday about dennis' birth and couldn't remember what they called him when he didn't cry. i knew you would remember!

  7. Well...I don't even know where to start with this post! I heart Mad Men like crazy. My favorite show. And yes....she is beautiful. Not many Asians in that show though..except when Pete yells out..."who put the chinamen in my office!" Ah the 60's. And....I watch Ms. Spider's Sunny Patch. My kids love it. Even my 5 year old. But I often think, Kristen Davis....I've seen her boobs on Sex and the City. Weird. Kinda hard to watch it after that. Congrats to you for 50!!!!! I mean followers. hee hee.

  8. you linked me??? ahhh i love you!! and thank heavens its friday!! i'm ready to stab myself in the eye if i have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn again!