Sunday, August 23, 2009

self preservation

so, i am thinking about self preservation, or more specifically, why my children do not have any kind of instinct for it. you know how, if you see a really crazy person yelling and cursing on the street, you try to avoid that person, maybe even cross to the other side to stay out of their way? i don't think my kids would do that. they may even walk up to that person and hit them in the head with a balloon and ask the crazy person to get them a drink. at least, if that crazy person looks anything like me, they will. yesterday was sigh.
i don't think they have developed that instinct over night, either. as i sit here typing with a black rain cloud over my head, dennis stands next to me (he's already been put in his room for fighting and come back down. it's not yet 10am) saying "chocolatemilkchocolatemilkchocolatemilk" while holding a bottle of hershey's syrup. sigh.
on with a new day...


  1. Maybe today is a good day for Disney Movies?? Hope it's a better one!

  2. can i PULEEEEEEEASE come to your house and play with your kids?

    only i want to yell...... cawfeecawfeecawfeecawfeecawfee, whilst dancing around in my underoos.

    please? aw come on.

  3. Yea I heard that similar thing this morning...not even 7am...."Can I play the Wii, I got the Wii back, today is Sunday, Mama only took the Wii away on Saturday" PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE.

    Still sleeping I was....I lifted my head, eyes still shut....SHUT THE HELL up Go to your room. Come back in ONE HOUR. Then made the hubs deal with them.

    Gotta love kids.

  4. sounds like an "oh honey" day. i feel ya!

  5. My kids also do not realize to leave me the heck alone when I am in a funky mood. Kids are a little thick.

  6. They sure don't recognize when mommy needs a break do they?