Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ahem...(tap, tap, tap)...is this thing on?

stepping up on my soapbox...
i have some inflammatory things to say here, so i apologize in advance to anyone who is truly offended, but i gotta say...kanye west, taylor swift...i really don't care. really, really don't care. i am posting on this here, today, because facebook was so full of outrage yesterday and i found it so annoying, but if i post anything on facebook about it, i am just feeding into the frenzy.
i like kanye west's music ("run this town" is my newest ring tone). i don't mind taylor swift's music (i prefer carrie underwood or kenny chesney or even zac brown...srsly just outed myself as a country music listener...gasp). i'll leave "pictures to burn" on when i hear it. but, i like these songs. not the actual singers. they don't affect my life in any way. they don't live near me, don't talk to my kids, don't let their dog go to the bathroom on my sidewalk, nothing. these are things that would have an effect on my life. celebrities...no effect at all.
i know the argument is that celebrities are role models, blah blah blah. but...isn't that my job? and my family's? shouldn't we be providing examples for our kids to follow? shouldn't we be people that our kids can look up to try to be like? if my kids see someone acting like an ass on tv, then try to act like that, they will be corrected by an actual real live adult in their life and know that douchey behavior is not acceptable. i think that's more important than what happens on the vma awards. plus, it's not like it was a really important awards show like the grammys or anything, right? haha...kidding, people.
anywho...my point here is that i don't care what happened. please don't tell me not to listen to kanye anymore. please don't tell me that taylor swift is heartbroken and will never recover. she'll be fine, i'm sure and really i just don't care. sorry.
now, in a complete 100% contradiction to everything that i've just said (i can do that, you know, it's my blog)...i'm so sad that johnny castle has died. that is my number one, favorite movie of all time. so, so sad. i am thinking of changing jack's name to johnny in a tribute to mr. castle. also, i think the rafter kids will be retiring the michael jackson dance moves and start practicing "johnny's mambo" and the lift. i'll keep you posted on our progress.
sorry about the rant...
...stepping down from the soapbox now...


  1. this has been a very informative post for me, i did not know you listen to country music. and i did not know patrick swayze died. so sad. and i am on board with changing jack's name to johnny. good luck with the lift lessons, let me know how the hospital trips go.

  2. meg, the country music thing is a major secret. don't tell anyone. especially tommy. i am thinking of having a marathon dirty dancing day in tribute, you in? oh...and you'll totally be updated on the hospital trips. you'll probably get called to watch the siblings who are not injured.

  3. if it makes you feel any better, I don't care about the Taylor Swift thing either (and I got tired of it on facebook yesterday too!).......and I am very sad about Patrick Swayze.

  4. I'm very sad about Patrick Swayze. He put up a good fight tho.
    As for Taylor Swift and Kanye West, I'd never heard any of Kanyes music before, much less knew how to pronounce his name. My kids had to correct me last night... My girls are HUGE Taylor Swift fans. I like that. She's wholesome and a great alternative to some other teen stars... so far... So we've been discussing it in our house but we don't twitter, so I haven't gotten the whole enchilada. I'll bet you're totally burned out by it!
    I used to like Miley Cyrus and even Britney, until they started turning and not being a good model for my kids.
    I'm a country fan in some respects, but I'd really just like to listen to old 80s music and easy listening stuff. Yep - I'm getting old.

  5. Have to say that I'm with you. I really don't care that Kanye West is a complete drunk A**hole. Does anyone really care?

    This all just feeds in to the paparazzi bs. WHO CARES? 10 years from now no one will even remember who he is. It's right up there with the Brittany Spears and Lindsey Lohan stuff. Pass......

  6. I'm a new reader to your blog (and my name is also Beth!) and I couldn't agree more to your post. I find it somewhat amusing -- when celebrities do ridiculous things -- but, seriously, I couldn't care less. Great post!

  7. My husband has a tee-shirt that says...friends don't let friends idolize celebrities. I, on the other hand...love celebrities. They make my life seem less dramatic. And what else am I gonna do while the kids watch the stupid Fresh Beat Band?

  8. GOOD FOR YOU!! I think what people really care about and worry about in this world is P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C!! I mean seriously! I went off on a rant about healthcare so we can stay on our boxes all we want sister! I just love your rants.

  9. Kanye is an a$$ for doing what he did, but he is Kanye. Who was really surprised? And that's enough of that. Taylor Swift is doing just fine. She's going to move on and make millions. I can't pity her, either!

    I was so devastated about Patrick Swayze I devoted an entire post to him and my love for him. I SO know what you mean. So sad. :(

  10. lol....boo and who cares to kanye, but TEARS and heartache for patrick swayze...... awwwwww now i'm all weepy again...

  11. Amen.

    Blah, Kanye.

    I'm also sad about Patrick.

  12. I won't even dignify the K-man by mentioning his name again.

    But Patrick? Breaks my heart.

  13. I agree with Kathy B. I will not mention his name. Just a loser!! I truly believe he staged the whole thing for PR.

    Patrick was a sweetie!! Always charming.