Saturday, October 24, 2009


i'm back, bitches! thought i was gone, didn't you? tricked ya! i was really just buried under a pile of life. i am starting to see the light, though and hopefully will be my happy (haha) blog-posting, blog-commenting self soon.
anywho...september was a month of firsts and since i was a bad blogger and didn't post about the first day of pre-k, the first day of kindergarten, ah hell...the first day of fourth grade, too, the first day of dance class, the kickass pirates and princesses party, the third birthday, etc., etc., etc., i figure i will make this a big, fat picture post and just show you what our month looked like. you can thank me later.
if anyone is wondering...tommy is still unemployed, but doing lots of side work, so we are still hanging in there (it helps to have really super parents, too, by the way) and i am totes schooling all those silly little college kids in my classes. i'm so the girl ruining the curve for them and i love it. haha, fools! srsly, is going pretty well. we are having some adhd/crappy teacher issues with thomas that we are working on and i have been spending a lot of time researching new schools and talking to therapists to get an iep and all kinds of good stuff like that. all in all, it has been a crazy busy couple of weeks for us, but hopefully, i will develop a better schedule soon. i miss you my bloggy friends!
ps - the pictures are terrible. i am using disposable cameras these days and when i got these discs back, they were so fuzzy! sorry!


  1. YEA!!!!! You're back!! I was just wondering yesterday what had happened and made a mental note to come check out your blog and email ya!

    Of course...then I woke up and forgot :( Sooooo glad you are posting again.

  2. Hi Miss!!! So happy to see all's well...for the most part :)Wecome back......happy fall!!

  3. WHOOP WHOOP!! so glad you're back!! and we'll forgive you for leaving, just don't do it again! and man, adhd situations are never fun, i'm right there with you sister! hope you guys get it all figured out!!

  4. I did a little happy dance to see you back! It sounds like blogging is low on your priority list right now. Who can blame you? We'll take what we can get :) Hang in...

  5. I have missed you. Glad to hear your husband is finding some work on the side. I hope this economy pulls out of the tank soon. Just ridiculous.

    Your kids look fabulous!! I love the princess fairy outfits. Adorable.

    Sorry the teacher is unable to help out with the ADHD issues. I think you know my boys both have it. This makes it easier for me to deal with it at work for the students who also have ADHD/ADD.

  6. There you are! LOVE the pics of the kiddo's, those tutu's rock. I wonder can I make one of my boys wear one without psychologically damaging him too bad? You know, just for like a day.
    Glad you are back!

  7. I was wondering where you had gone.

    Great pictures! I especially love the tutus.

  8. Busy you! Glad things are going smoothly! From the pictures you've posted, it looks like you've been up to lots of fun!

  9. My sister is also back in school working toward a nursing degree and she's totally slaughtering the curves too. Ah ha. YAY for you fabulous ladies! I'm glad to hear you're hangin' in there. : )