Tuesday, October 27, 2009

shameless plug for some etsy that i love

so, the tutus...

i received a couple of comments about the tutus that my girls are wearing at their birthday party, and i've been meaning to do a post about an etsy shop that i am a HUGE fan of, and as the tutus came from the etsy girl, it seemed like a good time to do this.

so, one of my best friends in the world (i'm talking first day of third grade - go to her house and tell all about the first time i kissed a boy - 10ish new kids on the block concerts - get dressed for high school dances at her house because her parents are at the mountains and we are not supposed to be wearing dresses that short or that tight to the dance at the boys' high school - go on a million vacations her family even though i am the only person there that does not understand italian - bridesmaid in each other's wedding kind of best friend) has opened her own etsy shop called bellina bowtique (i wasn't kidding about the italian language) where she is currently selling hairbows and eventually branch out into other girly accessories, such as the fabulous tutus that my girls wore to their birthday party.

i don't know if you all caught it, but the tutus and hairbows were coordinated to the paper products for the party (i don't play around when it comes to themes). most pictures of my girls include hairbows that stephanie has made and while i prefer the over the top, bigger is better type of bow, she does make some bows that are much more appropriately scaled to little girls' heads, too. stephanie makes bows that coordinate with gymboree's clothing lines as well as special holiday themed bows. i've even been known to take a picture of an outfit that my girls are going to wear and email it to her so she can do a bow to match that outfit specifically (what?!?! like you wouldn't?). like i said, a little over the top.

we have recently had two baby girls born into the family (shout outs to erin and maggie and lisa and keira, woo!) and i gave them killer new baby gifts from my dear friend's shop...crocheted beanie hats with big huge flowers on them and hair bows that coordinate and can be switched for the flower, pretty little pink polka dot bows and cute little purple clippies. so fun (i mean really, you're never too young to develop a passion for great accessories)!

go check out stephanie's shop, bellina bowtique. i know you will love it as much as i do!

ps - the pictures all include things (pink and purple tutus for their 2nd birthday, easter hair bow, bow on the hats for st. patty's day, tutus and coordinated hairbows for their 3rd birthday, etc.) that i have gotten from stephanie!


  1. plug away sister!!! i can't wait to go check out her shop!!!

  2. I NEED NEED NEED a little girl. I can't get buy without tutus in my life. Could be why I just bought a tulle skirted dress for myself. Until I break the hubs down for number 2...that will have to do. Ah ha. Looks like a lovely shop. I heart Etsy!

  3. Oh sure, rub in the fact that my boys refused to amuse me by wearing tutu's. LOL :) If I had a little girl, I would SO do over the top bows...that pic up there of them in hats reminds me of Madeline, the little storybook character - but double the trouble. So dang cute!

  4. Okay now my little girl is going to go nuts on this! Poor baby where's hats and tutus...and I mean baseball hats! Too many boys. I am so glad to see you are back on the blog world! How are you!? How is school? Hubby back to work? Gimme the deets how are you!!??

  5. Too cute! I'll definitely check out the shop -- I LOVE the hats. My daughter doesn't have quite enough hair for bows, or enough patience to wear them, but hats are her thing!

  6. I would SO do over the top bows...that pic up there of them in hats reminds me of Madeline, Work from home India