Monday, May 23, 2011

i know the end is near...

     this one is about me, by the way, not my kids.  it's pretty nervy of me, i know...
 so, i know that is pretty much over for me.  for real this time.  and no...i'm not talking about the crazy failed rapture, i'm talking about for me, personally.  "how do you know this?" you might ask.  the answer...because i just wrote a letter of complaint.  really.  at this point, i might as well get a minivan and some mom jeans to wear with my sneakers and call it a day.  i. wrote. a. letter. of. complaint.  srsly.
     you see, i used to be pretty cool.  not "cool for a mom" cool or "cool for having five kids" cool.  just cool.  like "wear $300 sunglasses because i made $450 bartending on a sunday night" cool.  or "live in new york and buy really good, edgy makeup because that is what i want to do" cool.  and this is where it all begins to unravel.
     i still wear really good makeup, when i decide to actually apply makeup, that is. which, let's face it, is not that often.  sadly.  i moved to new york city to go to school in 1997 (or right around that time, at least) and fell in love with MAC makeup.  they make a really, really great product and their colors are beautiful and different, and (overuse the word, much?). see, i like girly stuff.  a lot. i love costume jewelry and fancy hair accessories and high heel shoes.  i really love playing with makeup and changing how i look.  pinup girl makeup with black liquid liner and red lips one weekend and smoky gray/silver eyeshadow with neutral lipstick the next.  i really love that stuff.  i could spend hours wandering the cosmetics counters in a department store and looking at all the fun stuff.  i really love when someone, like a salesperson at a MAC counter or in a MAC store, has really incredible makeup on.  i love to find out what they use and how they did it.  that's fun for me.  however, last week, i wandered in to a MAC store with my mother and was sadly disappointed.  the salespeople were inattentive and rude and we left without buying anything.  so disappointing.  this past weekend, i attempted to get myself a few things and found myself back in the same store, being waited on by a different salesperson who was even more rude, even a little offensive.  again, i left empty handed.
     i now see that the end is coming, because instead of being intimidated by these snotty little makeup brats, i decided to act like a...brace yourself...grown up, got annoyed and wrote a letter about it to the company's customer service department.  i'm a little worried about this new streak of common sense, honestly.  i'm wondering if it might follow through into other areas of my life and prevent me from doing things like, say, spending too much money on really impractical shoes or something.  gasp!  can you imagine the horror in that?!?!  they might as well start picking out burial plots at that point.

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  1. ew, i didn't know that. eff them. see apparently i was never cool, because i would have either gotten in a fight with them, or written a letter years ago. did you try going in sephora? i have never had a problem there, and they have all different stuff. or maybe try ulta, maureen always buys make up there.