Monday, May 16, 2011

there once was a girl...

     so, you see, i used to be this girl who stayed at home with her lovely children and kept a fabulous blog where i posted amusing and insightful things all the time.  then, i became a student. and lost all kinds of free time.  all of these teachers want me to read and do school work and all kinds of crazy stuff like that! imagine! now, i'm on a summer break and find myself with a little bit of time and am feeling the old blog calling to me.  i mean, i'm still fabulously amusing and insightful, right?  why not spread my sunshine to the world!  ha!  in restarting the blog, i considered starting a whole new one, but then realized i can just use this one and start out with some followers right from the get go.  total win, right there.  plus, i really, truly can not think of a better name for a blog of mine.  "be careful what you wish for" should be written on my tombstone someday.  srsly.
     since i have left the blogging world, a miracle has occurred in my life.  all. five. children. are. in school. FULL. TIME. maybe you should read that again to really appreciate the awesomeness of that statement.  of course, no sooner did it happen than i started nursing school full time, but, thems the breaks, i guess.  in that time, i have also realized that my daughters were switched for gypsy children in the hospital and someone else took the sweet, obedient, mild-mannered children that i gave birth to.  oh, i should clarify that they are gypsy children that love the word "no."  to say it, not to hear it, of course.
     the girls, katie and cara, are now 4 and go to pre-k full time at the same school that thomas, 11 and jack, 7 attend.  dennis, who is 5, goes to a charter school that we are hoping the others will get in to soon.  tommy, my husband, has started a new job, as the facilities manager of a new casino, and as stated, i go to nursing school full-time.  it's a little busy here.  i'm sure you're surprised.  ha.
     it seems to be time for me to wrap this little blog-fest up...big time rush and wow wow wubbzy! are both starting right now and it's starting to get ugly here.  oh and some sort of ball just hit my front window.  good times, good back soon!

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  1. Oooh!!! Just noticed you were starting again! How fabulous!!! Good job going back to school too! You're a better woman than I.