Thursday, June 11, 2009

honest scrap

yay for me! i got another award! this one is from alicia at it ain't easy being cheesy gave me the honest scrap award. the rules are that i am supposed to list ten things about myself that are true, but everyone may not know and then tag five other bloggers. goes.

1. when i get my hair colored, i get my eyebrows dyed too. they match my hair better.

2. i have no idea what the true color of my hair is anymore. i have been dying it for so long and have changed the color so many times, i'm not sure what it would really look like if i let it go natural. i probably will never let it go natural.

3. i went to culinary school in new york and lived there for 1 1/2 year.

4. even though i went to culinary school, i still eat spaghettios, ragu sauce and kraft mac and cheese.

5. i only eat boiled hot dogs and i prefer that they have been in the water for a while, like from a street vendor or on the beach. when i go to barbecues, i NEVER make my kids eat barbecued hot dogs.

6. i can't stand for other people to fold my laundry, even tommy. if someone else folds it, i find myself refolding things as i put them away.

7. i like sleep more than almost anything else. if i was able to have my ideal day, it would be to be able to sleep for as long as i wanted in a really clean, really quiet room.

8. i used to HATE for anyone to touch my face. i have gotten better about it, but i still am not a huge fan.

9. the year i turned 21 i took accutane for acne (bad idea to start that the year you can start drinking legally) and have never had to do another thing for my skin since. i rarely even wash my face before i go to bed.

10. i have started doing the south beach diet and surprisingly, i find myself totally able to survive without white bread and mashed potatoes.

by the way...that was way tougher than i anticipated!

as far as passing it on to other bloggers, i am just going to name some of the blogs that i love to read ever day. i get stressed out about giving people these things because then i think "what if they don't want to list things about themselves?" or "what if they have already gotten this before?" so, i am just going to do some shout outs and let them deal with it as they like! i love when i see that amber, valentine, isabel princes and amanda, among many others, have posted something. they usually make me laugh out loud, which is a much needed break in my day. thank you again, alicia. your posts make me laugh out loud (and sometimes drool...see the cupcake post), too! thanks! enjoy checking out these other blogs!


  1. Congratulations on your award!

    Like you, I dye the heck out of my hair. It will never go gray on my watch.

    As for the hotdogs, I like mine burnt. A testimony to my mother's cooking. :)

  2. I'm the same with my face....I freak out if anyone touches it...I'm working on it though! and I would LOVE if someone folded my laundry!

  3. I'm with you on the laundry thing. No one touches my laundry but me.

  4. congratulations on your award!smiling while reading your blog particularly the hair dye issue, imagine you forgot already the true color of your hair because you kept changing its color. Of course we women needs to do that everytime we wish too, it is our only consolation for ourselves.

  5. I shall click over to your friends. I always enjoy a good laugh.

    Great list of 10 for us!! NICE!!

  6. Congrats on your award!!! Not only do you have an awesome blog, you share my love for sleeping.

    And thank you for giving me something to blog about! I've been pretty uninspired lately and nothing is better than talking about myself :)

  7. Congrats on your award! And thank you for passing it on to me and your nice compliment :)

    That is awesome that you went to culinary school.

  8. it's nice to know someone else likes to be the only one to fold their laundry...I thought I was weird...I have another award for you over at my blog....

  9. Smart about the eyebrow coloring.. gosh it drives me nuts when someone has really light hair and really dark eyebrows, or vice versa.

    And even when my hair was a natural color, I didn't know what it was. And no one else knew either. I usually just say golden blond or strawberry blond. They nod their heads.

  10. Nothing wrong with spaghettios! I lived on them when I was preggers.

  11. congratulations! i knew every one of those things about you! (i am very proud of myself)

  12. Look @ you the award winning blogger!! So awesome!! Now we just need one that says "Award Winning Birthing Skills!"

  13. thank you so much for gifting me with this award! it is so fetching awesome!

    wanna know what's not awesome? due to some computer glitch, i have been unable to post comments for like a week. the problem isn't solved, but i found a temporary solution.

  14. When I was a kid I loved to eat frozen hot dogs. What was I thinking??

    P.S. GreenJello submitted a quote by you to be featured on Blogtations. Would you email me about it?

  15. I behind or what?!? Thanks for the blog mention, Beth! I will definitely play along, and list 10 True Things. Eventually. Soon, I hope. I'm cooking up a momentous (yes, MOMENTOUS) post for Thursday, which is part of the reason I've been so far behind...