Saturday, June 6, 2009

still got nothing...

so we have been crazy busy with things to do these past few weeks, and it does not appear to be letting up anytime soon. in the absence of any quality post fodder, i figured i would do a quick post of the things we have done including pictures of those things (if i'm not going to make it interesting, i can at least make it pretty, right?)

1 & 2. may started with thomas making his first holy communion. it was a very nice ceremony (which also happened to be the longest 1 1/2 hours of my life, as all of thomas' siblings were at mass with us). everyone got dressed in their sunday best, cara brought her baby and purse, katie brought her home depot tool set and sat patiently (hahahaha) through mass. we only got 7 or 8 dirty looks from the people around us. by 11 am the following day, thomas had spent all of the gift money he was given, plus an additional $20 of mine on a nintendo dsi. i think he really appreciates the solemnity of the sacrament, don't you?

3. we had a party for thomas' communion on may 23rd (he did wear his suit for the beginning of the party). it was a joint party for him and my sister-in-law who graduated from college. it was a big, huge, time consuming deal for me, as i made all of the food for all of the guests, but it was also a great party. thomas immediately went back to game stop to buy dennis a nintendo ds and ds games for himself and jack, as well (see, truly appreciates that it is about the sacrament...not the gifts he received).

4 & 5. jack turned five in may and we celebrated his birthday numerous times over mother's day weekend.

6 & 7. added in to this mix we had two showers (one wedding and one baby). hey! who brought the kids standing directly in front of the guest of honor playing with the gifts as she tries to open them?!?! oh. me...great. we also had a few playground trips and play dates, but i was too lazy to document those with pictures. sorry.

8, 9 & 10. rounding out the month, all of us girls got haircuts today (i know it's june now, but it brings everything pretty much current). i have included before and after shots of the girls, so you can see how desperate katie was.

i have tried to number these to correspond with the pictures. hopefully, you will be able to follow along. i still can't figure out how to post a picture and then write below or above each individual shot. pathetic, i know. enjoy the pictures and have a good weekend. we have a surprise party on saturday and then we are fleeing to the shore. i know that something blogworthy will occur there (i am taking my five children and my aunt is bringing her four, all between the ages of 9 and 1. who wants to sit next to us?). i'll keep you posted.
also, i have been tagged for two different "memes" by two lovely bloggers, which i have not gotten around to acknowledging. one was from sweet mama jones and another was from mrs. fish. thank you so much, girls! i truly do appreciate that you read and enjoy my blog. i love both of yours, too. i will absolutely do my best to get to these memes, as soon as i can form coherent, rationaly thoughts again. it's a bit of a struggle these days! thanks again! everyone else...go check these blogs out!


  1. what cute pictures! those girls are just so dang adorable! have fun at the shore!! can't wait to see what crazy adventures happen!

  2. You got nothing?

    You have a beautiful family!!! Thank you for the pictures. Adorable.

  3. First of all, I LOVE the family picture with the priest holding Dennis. It's like someone said to him, "Uh, would you mind helping us out here?" So funny!

    Second of all, I was SO impressed that Thomas bought his brother a DS and his other brother some games. Very sweet.

    And third, I thought this was a GREAT idea for a post! The month in's fun to read, and you don't have to do as much work.

    (I can help you out with the picture thing, by the way. It took me awhile to figure out, too.)

  4. thanks, girls!
    how crazy is the priest? i was trying to get a picture of my family and the priest would not get out of it. crazy.
    and...wasn't that so cool of thomas?!?! it was totally his idea, too. (that went a LONG way in him not getting in trouble for focusing solely on the gifts he was going to get, rather than the sacrament!)

  5. Look at those cuties. And I thought one was keeping me busy. Geesh.

  6. love ya! (that's all i got!)

  7. these cute pictures of your kids are truly make my day......i mean it! awesome kids, the girls are so cute and behaved too during the whole ceremony,lol. we must know what they feel,lol.thanks for sharing.

  8. 'crazy hectic' seems to be going around like swine flu! i've got it too. LOVE the pictures!!

  9. You do got something! Beautiful pictures!