Saturday, June 13, 2009

when i wish upon a star...

i have found myself saying "i wish" quite often lately, so i thought i would write the list down and try to keep better track of all my wishes.

alright, i figure i'll get the big, obvious ones out of the way first...
i wish..i was thin (or that i was happy with my appearance. i'll take either), i had a bigger house, i could afford to send my kids to a better school, i had more money, etc.

i wish that i had lancome mascara here instead of maybelline

i wish that caroline could figure out how to eat popsicles so they didn't always fall of the stick which makes her cry

i wish that my kids would keep their shoes on their feet

i wish that when my kids take their shoes off, they would at least remember to put them on the steps instead of in the middle of the living room floor

i wish i had long hair

i wish that my mom lived closer to me

i wish that i could get in touch with meghan to tell her about the funniest website of all time ( [by the way, meg, this is what i was reading when i started leaving you a message the other day and was laughing so hard i couldn't speak]. i kinda also wish that my life was as funny as some of the posts on there

i wish i liked cleaning, exercise and getting up early

i wish i knew how to spell "exercise" without spellcheck (there's only 1 "c" you know)

i wish dennis and katie did not just fall asleep at 4:45pm

i wish i could get a job as a nurse without having to go back to school

i wish i had a shore house this summer and could take a younger cousin down for the summer with me to watch the kids while i got a job as a waitress or bartender at night

i think that is all that i am wishing for right now.

i would also like to thank noah's mommy for giving me the kreativ blogger award. thanks so much! i am glad that you enjoy what i have to say! i've done this one before, so if you would like to see my thoughts, just click on the link. thanks again!


  1. "i wish i liked cleaning, exercise and getting up early"

    If you figure this one out let me know, cuz I wish this too!!

  2. sounds like we need to have a "goddess fire" and get our drunk...errr....wishing potions on while dancing sans clothes!

    i have them too doll. wishes.

  3. I wish I liked cleaning too... 'cause I hate it.. and my house shows it.

  4. i couldn't email you back after your response to my post on "your own personal jesus" but i wanted to. i wanted to tell you beth, that even though there are aspects of the catholic religion that i have outgrown or don't agree with? isn't it funny that is one of the first places i run back to for comfort. my st. peters lunch special. rosary in hand, prayers from my youth that come flooding back and lull me back to a safe peaceful place.

    i like to think that i am a good mix of both. my irish catholic roots, they gave me strength and my grandfathers buddist views? they teach me peace,tolerance and acceptance.

    what you are doing for your children is good! you are giving them education, foundation and assisting them into growing into adults who will make smart choices.

    your doing a good, no a GREAT thing beth. never think differently!


  5. I wish I had long hair too!!!! I have such fine thin straight hair and when it gets past my shoulder it is soooooo stragglely!! I may have to do a wish post of my own......I'm thinking of a lot of other wishes.......