Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my revelation

so...i had a revelation last night. i think i am not very good at this blogging thing, because i don't do it often enough and then when i do, my thoughts are all over the place and i am trying to remember a million things at once and try to keep everything in a cohesive little story. that's a lot of work. i have decided to try to blog more often and make my entries shorter. i think the best way for me to do this is to build off of my facebook statuses. many of you may be surprised to find out that i am a total facebook addict (hahaha) and a lot of times, i feel that i could totally elaborate on my status statement, but i don't want to write a book there. my blog is the perfect opportunity to do that! i hope that all of my facebook friends aren't bored by repetition between the two spots. i figure that i will still post long rambling posts here on the blog, too, because let's face it...i do love to talk/type/ramble, whatever. thanks again for your support!


  1. i'll read your repeats any day, and after you can even call me and tell me again!

  2. I'm learning more about Facebook :)

    And I ramble all the time.

  3. I, too, don't post frequently enough...there just isn't enough time in the day (or sometimes week). I keep a small notepad by the computer though, and when something strikes me as blog-worthy, I jot a quick note and then when I'm ready to sit down and write, I have a list of possible topics to expand upon.

    So far I have managed to resist the pull of FB (see "not enough time," previous paragraph). It's addicts like you that have me convinced I couldn't handle it!