Monday, March 9, 2009

some days are better than others (downer post...sorry!)

we are not having a good day here today. i am feeling totally outnumbered and that is not a good thing, because then i lose patience way too fast and snap at the poor kiddies all day long. everyone has gotten in trouble at least once today (well, except jack, but that is because i haven't seen him. he is hiding out in his wii batcave) and i feel bad about it but i feel like i can't control it. it's like there are ten of them here today instead of five (thomas is home sick from school today). i feel especially bad, because i know they really are good kids, but there are so many and it is hard to be the only person to answer their questions and needs for hours on end. we had a busy weekend too, and i spent ALL weekend alone with them. i think i really need some alone time and some uninterrupted sleep. and while i'm at it, maybe a cleaning lady, too. but anyway, enough about that.

i have been trying to get jack ready for school. he will be five in may, and he will be going to kindergarten in september. he has not gone to any kind of pre-k and i don't want him to be behind. happily, i am finding out that it looks like he will be ready. he can identify all of his letters and spell his name and we are working on writing his name. i am very proud of my little drop-out! he also has a very practical mind, which is good for him. one day last week, he was sitting at the computer and told me he was cold. then he proceeded to say "if i had a snuggie, i would be warm and still be able to work the mouse. " how logical is that! then later that week, i was taking dennis for a hearing test and when i told jack what we were doing, he went over to dennis, clapped three times in his face, and then said "can you hear that, den?" when dennis said he could, jack turned to me and said, "see, his hearing is fine." again, a very practical test for a four year old to come up with.

the things that they come up with really are funny, and the are actually very sweet kids, too. i think that is why i feel so bad on days like today when i just have no patience at all. i guess we all have just to muddle through as best we can and pray for tommy to get home soon!


  1. Beth, I think we all have days like this, it is normal. I have no idea how you do it with five little ones, I would say you are a pretty amazing mom!!!!!! Take the bad days and just accept that they will happen but the good days out number the bad so that is what counts and that is what they will remember!!!!

  2. Oh Beth we all have days like this. I don't think we would be mom's if we didn't. Your children seem very smart and energetic and loving to one another. Feeling overwhelmed is just part of being an amazing mom, which you definately are!!!!!!