Monday, April 20, 2009

"dear" letter

i am so stealing this idea from other bloggers. think of it as my highest compliment...

dear third grade teachers,

i understand that church should be decorated for first holy communion, i really do, but banners? do you really think that the third graders are sitting at home making these banners by themselves? also, do you think that people just have these supplies laying around their houses waiting to be put to good use (besides my cousin lisa, who probably does have these supplies)? couldn't we have done posterboard signs or something? because when i spend almost $60 on supplies for said banner, and then my baby starts putting the letters for his name on there crooked, it really, truly pains me to let him continue. doing this project caused me to use almost more self-restraint and patience with my child than i usually have in me. i really wanted it to be a project we did together, but come on, he's a nine year old you really think his vision for this banner and mine were the same or his ability to draw and cut out a chalice and host? also, it has to be felt...are nine year olds allowed to use hot glue guns, because at our house the hot glue gun was aimed at two different siblings and then laid dripping hot glue on the dining room table (partially my fault...i should not have told them it was a hot glue GUN, nor should i have used the nickelodeon magazine as a place to sit it).

anywho...i think we did a good job, thomas designed (with a little inspiration from his dear mother) and i executed. and i did let him put the letters on, even though they are not perfectly straight. however, i drew the line at sewing the ribbons on, i didn't think he was up to weilding a needle and thread yet...maybe for his confirmation banner.


thomas' control freak of a mother


  1. Oh lordy - I am laughing so hard over the glue gun! You DO need a new name for it...for example, Nolan calls the ice cream truck the "Christmas Truck," and we let him. He seems to think it just trolls the neighborhood, playing Christmas music for everyone. All summer long.

    And I hate school projects. Passionately.

  2. i absolutely love the letter format.
    and even though it was expensive and a hassle, your banner turned out fantastic!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and the comment! I'm with you on the banner as well - this was left to my Mom, too, when I was dealt the task. It makes no sense... really.
    :) Have a great Tuesday

  4. I feel your pain with the craft store bills!

    My DD is making her 1st Communion this Saturday but she's in 2nd guys do in 3rd huh...that makes more sense to me b/c they can understand a bit more but we've always done 2nd.

    Nice banner!!

  5. seriously, they should have to make them in school. poor t3 if he needs one, he is definitely going to need to ask his godmother for help. there is no way i will be able to swing it!

  6. meg -
    i made t3's banner last night. katiequinn said she is going to get mrs. q to order a vacuum sealed bag from qvc to store it in for him. the advantages of naming our first born the same thing are becoming clearer!

  7. This is so funny! I'm not Catholic, so I've never had to make a banner like this, but there have been plenty of other projects. (Build an historic California Mission out of sugarcubes, anyone?) I am a total control freak about it. (I mean, I'm a better artist than my kids...) shameful.