Monday, April 13, 2009

kreativ blogger

i was given a little blogging award by one of my favorite bloggers. i am so excited! thank you very much, amber! i love your blog and i very frequently laugh out loud while reading it! thanks!

now i get to post this pretty little button on my blog and then i have to provide a link to amber's blog (which i really don't know how to do. i hope it don't screw it up). then i have to list seven things that i love and then provide links to seven blogs that i love (again, hoping i do this successfully).

so, for anyone who is not family and is reading my blog, i thought i'd give a little background. i have five children, a nine year old boy (who was quite the surprise and born approximately 3 years before i married his father), a four year old boy, a three year old boy and twin two year old girls (again, huge surprise, both the pregnancy and the fact that i was having twins, which i found out at 20 weeks). people tell me all the time that i should write a book, have a television show in my house, etc. etc. finally, my sister, meghan, convinced me to start a blog. so i did and people told me they liked it. the more time i spent "blogging" the more interested i became. then one day, meghan called me and said "you have to check out this girl's blog ( it is pee your pants funny (i may have taken a little creative license there, but you get the idea). and it really is pee your pants funny (again, thanks meg!). from there, i found links to other really great blogs and i came across a really cool blog called "the secret is in the sauce" ( which provides links to about a billion other blogs.

now, i am always surprised when people say they like my blog, but i am glad that i am entertain so many people. now, on to my lists. enjoy!

amber at airing my dirty sock at a time gifted me with this little button. find her at thanks again!

things i love

1. accessories - i think that i often dress kind of boring so that i can wear really great accessories. i have lots of shoes (many of which are completely impractical), necklaces, headbands (meghan once described the box with my headbands as 'the headband mother lode'), etc. i really, truly love girly stuff. and, i have passed this trait to my daughters.

2. my ipod- the ipod is pretty much the single greatest invention of all time. it makes trips to the shore fly by, a half hour on the treadmill bearable, parties more fun. i could go on. i am a music person, i listen to words of songs, married a dj, just, in general, really like music, all kinds. i love my ipod because with it, i never have to listen to a song that i don't like. i can drive for two hours and know every single word to every single song that i hear. i love that! also, (and this is where my true craziness begins to emerge) i always think, "if they made a movie out of my life, who would play me? who would play tommy?" etc. i have pretty much the whole cast picked out at this point and now, thanks to the invention of the ipod, i've already done the soundtrack! my blackberry is a close second favorite invention, but nothing beats my ipod.

3. reading - i love, love, love to read. anything, but especially (and this is kind of a dirty little secret) romance novels. i like to pretend that i am more worldly and sophisticated, but give me a good book that doesn't require a whole lot of deep thought with a happy ending, and i'm a happy girl. susan elizabeth phillips is my favorite. (some weeks i can read 3 or 4 books...crazy i know)

4. dirty dancing - i love this movie completely. i even love the soundtrack. i fully understand that it is totally cheesy and I DON'T CARE. when my first real boyfriend broke up with me, i watched it seven times in one week. i love it.

5. historical fiction - i really enjoy historical books, tv shows, etc. the only problem is that i then feel the need to research the characters and see how much is true and how much is fiction. my current favorite is "the tudors" on showtime. great, great show. (i really liked deadwood and rome, too, as well as "the other boleyn girl" book series by phillipa gregory)

6. shopping - i love to shop for the social aspects of it. don't get me wrong, i love to buy stuff, too, but i really enjoy going shopping for a day with my mom or mother-in-law or sister, etc. just to spend time with other women and talk and have lunch, etc. i like all aspects of shopping, trying stuff on, going in a million stores, everything.

7. the hairdresser - i love to go to the hairdressers. i love to get my hair cut, colored, highlighted, styled, whatever. i will try anything, long hair, super short hair, blonde, black, red, you name it, i'll give it a try.

blogs i love

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thanks to everyone who reads my blog! i hope you enjoy it!


  1. Aww how sweet. :)

    I love to shop too. It's why it pains me to have to to Cut Back. Gah!

  2. congratulations, you truly deserved it girl! i enjoy reading your blogs, thanks for sharing all your thoughts and feelings,keep it up!

  3. Thank you! I will pass it on tonight when I get home from school!! I really appreciate your kindness :-)

  4. Thanks so much! It's so nice to hear that someone likes to visit inside my head!

  5. Awww- Congratulations!!! Thats so cool you got an award for your Blog : ) If anyone deserves it... its you!

    I'm a freak and check to see if you posted anything new whenever i get to work! Seriously, Im a nut- just ask your cousin. You help me get through the work day!


  6. thanks for the blogger award! its my first one and i am totally excited!

  7. Congrats on your award...fabulous....and Dirty Dancing...I make my poor husband watch it at least once a much he can now spew "nobody puts baby in a corner"...with the best of em....

  8. COngrats on your award! Yay! I also love accesories!! I am always wearing jeans and a simple top but people think I dress nice because I accesorize! If they only new I wear the same jeans for three days!!

    and I loooooove my ipod!!!

    Now, I've got to go check those other bloggers out!

  9. Thanks, Beth! I will be sure to put my award and my seven things up the next time I have time (har har) to write a post. I might have to pass it on at a later date, though - being that I'm still a bit of a "blirgin," I'm not sure I even have seven blogs I read on a regular basis! And I can't pass it back to you, right? So...hmmm...I'll have to think about this!

  10. Congratulations on the award!!

    Turns out, you're in very good company when it comes to romance novel reading. I saw on The Today Show the other day that book stores are seeing a major upswing in romance novel purchases.

    Turns out, when the economy goes south, people what to escape. And where better than into something hot and steamy - I think it's great!

  11. congratulations on the award! and thomas thanks you for adding even more blogs to my google reader, now he gets to watch more backyardigans episodes while i catch up on what everyone else is doing! thanks for the shout out, and remember me (the little people) when you are famous and rich!!!!

  12. Congrats on your award and THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR MINE!!! How sweet! It totally made my week (a busy, stressful one). I just posted about it and linked to you! Thanks again and I love reading your blog!

  13. congrats on the award! how great is that! thanks for leaving your comment on my is so great to meet others in blogland. i read your posts about the zoloft...i will be checking back to see how you are doing with all that. i hope your plan works and you are happy happy!!!

  14. Just btw, I have both the regular soundtrack to Dirty Dancing and the other one, More Dirty Dancing. In addition to my VHS copy and 2 DVD copies. And even a copy of the horrible sequel.
    Great blog!