Saturday, April 18, 2009

leather furniture

today, i discovered the very best thing about leather furniture. when i went to buy a couch a few years ago, i thought "no way can i buy leather furniture. the kids would ruin it!" so i bought a really pretty couch that was totally destroyed in three years. this time around, i did my furniture shopping at a really high end furniture place (sam's club) and decided to go with the three piece set for $1000.00. i figured if i got three years use out of that, it would be worth it. my three pieces are dark brown leather chair, couch and ottoman. i am pretty happy with them as i can wipe up any spills pretty easily and dust them off with a damp rag. they are starting to look a little worn from things being spilled on them and not wiped up quickly enough, but it doesn't bother me too bad.
this leads me to today. i was up at 8:30 am and off to the gym. stopped and picked up some fruit to eat with my special k (instead of the bacon, egg and cheese muffin from mc donald's that i really wanted) and came home and fed the kiddies. immediately after eating, i took thomas to get his baseball team picture done and then went back home to shower and dress for the day. this was all accomplished by 11:30 am. tommy had all of the kids bathed while i was gone, so we got everyone dressed and i hopped in the shower. i had a great day planned. i was going to my parent's house (they have a great big yard and enough toys to amuse a daycare center full of kids) to hang out and maybe take a nap (tommy had to work this afternoon and night). while i showered and tommy got dressed, apparently the girls were doing some experimenting...with a half gallon of syrup...and my living room furniture (again, anyone want to tell me how much fun they think it would be to have twins?!?!?!). this was discovered when caroline came up to me in the bathroom and said "ka-ie makin mess with syrup. i say no. i keen it up, see." as she holds out her sticky hands and shows me her shirt.
needless, to say, by 12:30, the girls had their second baths of the day, second set of outfits and my furniture had been thoroughly cleaned with what appears to be every single clean dishtowel in my house. if you can get past the fact that my house smells like the original "log cabin" and the slight stickiness when you rest your feet on the ottoman, it really wasn't a total disaster. buying leather furniture may have been one of my best decisions yet! something to keep in mind next time one is considering car upholstery.


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! The funny thing is, the picture I have of the dresser is the before, and everyones commenting about how great it is! haha, It was the other half of the set for my oldests room, I changed the color to Aqua for my younger ones room. Those pictures will be up later. :) Off to read your blog! :)

  2. I Love my leather furniture too, for just that same reason!!!!

  3. Hey - nevermind the syrup! I'm stuck at this part: "this was all accomplished by 11:30 am."

    Shaking my head in awe...